Human Ranger, right off the farm.


Played by Mike.


Growing up in the dale lands is hard: On every side of you there is war: Every army ever has marched through your land with out a wherewith all at one point in time or another and elminster is never around when you need him. In the dale lands, you keep to your self, you help your neighbors when they need it and you learn how to fight back. You grow up fast, you grow up hard, you grow up dark. You become immune to death and horror and fear because you see it every day. You take pleasure in the simple wonders of simple things because they can be taken away at any moment. You learn to do with out, to make do with what you have and to take advantage of any opportunity Your father teachs you two verry important lessons. Take everything that’s not nailed down, and if you have a crowbar-its not nailed down If life hands you lemons-Kick it in the balls and say, Bitch i ordered the beer. that is when hes not beating you You learn to run and hide and fight. If your smart and strong and quick you get jumped into one of the local gangs. If you survive that long enough you get jumped into a mercanry unit or the militia The you get to go to the border between the Dale lands AND THE zENTS AND FIGHT ORKS AND HIDE IN THE RUINS if YOU SURVIVE THAT-IF YOUR RELALY Lucky then you get jumped in the Black rangers-Then the real good stuff happens. You spend months prowling around in the forests fighting orks and Zents, months more hiding in the ruins and the dungeon fighting the drow and the aberrations You get to see your loved ones, your sisters and brothers sluagtgerd by the green dragon and the beholders. You learn to run, you learn to hide, you learn to fight, you become quick and cruel and sharp as a knife in the dark. Somewhere along the way you lose you real name and take on a company name like shadow or rat catcher or mercy or stitch or soul catcher or shiver. Then-if your real lucky and can see past the day to day existence few surviving the never ending skirmishes to keep the dale lands safe and free Some prophetic dieing princess goes and has a dream about you and your fate in some upcoming doom-And next thing you know some jerk paladin knocks you out, drags you miles away from home and jumps you into some damn fool quest to save the world But suddenly your not in the dale lands. Suddenly your wearing clean cloths, your fed and bathed and healed, you have money in your pocket and your being told how the world de3pends on you You don’t hear that though Frek the world what you see is opportunity- take everything that’s not nailed down, and if you have a crowbar-its not nailed down. So you smile and cozzy up to your new frinsd, all the while your looking. Oh THADE you think to yourself-Your free, dception and money and oprtunity to make a new life. No longer the mouse running and hiding, now your the fox in the hen hosue. The wolf amongest the sheep. You sharpen your knife, string your bow and smile and say-Sure Ill join your crusade. They ask you your name-Oh blessed Liera you lauph-Today your name is CHANCE


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